We are in the process of developing a series of conversational, interview-style books with real people, solving real problems.

The following is a list of projects we’re currently working on:


America’s Most Inspiring High School Coaches:

Interviews With Innovative Coaches Across the U.S. 

America loves its sports, and it especially loves high school sports. We are currently on a mission to interview some of America’s most passionate and inspiring high school coaches to learn their insights on how to cultivate and nurture greatness in their athletes and others.




Mid-Century Modern Masters:

Interviews with Palm Springs’ Innovators

Palm Springs is the mecca of Mid-Century design. As far as we know, there is no other place on earth where there is a larger concentration of Mid-Century Modern architecture. While plants may not grow well in the desert, Palm Springs has proven to be a fertile environment for Mid-Century to thrive.

The dramatic geographic surroundings of the Coachella Valley coupled with some of the most innovative and influential architects and designers in the world has created fertile ground to create a Mid-Century utopia.

Clean lines, symmetry, thoughtful use of glass and a harmony between indoor and outdoor resources evokes an ethos that symbolizes simplicity order. In a world too often defined by chaos, Desert Modernism provides us the tranquility and comfort so many of us desire in our lives. It’s no surprise that presidents, titans of industry, world leaders and Hollywood legends call Palm Springs home.


Mid Century Book 3D Spine-resized



Securing America:

What Threats Does the U.S. Face & How Do We Prevent Them?

Cyber threats, terrorism, environmental threats are but just a few of the threats facing not only the U.S., but the world. While it might be easier to bury our heads in the sand and play Pollyanna, the threats are very real and if left ignored threaten our security and way of life.

We are currently in the process of interviewing diverse thought leaders across numerous industries who have identified not only threats we are facing, but solutions on how to address these threats.


Securing America



Sadly, conflict seems to make the world go round. While it is a truism that without conflict, we would cease to grow as humans, when we fail to try to resolve conflict, we hurt not only ourselves, but the people we love and care about.

Finding solutions to conflict and helping others resolve conflict is one our primary missions and motivations. We’ve interviewed some of the top minds, not only in psychology and theology, but hundreds of regular people who are struggling with conflict in their relationships and their lives.

We’re continuing to gather and analyze the research we’ve conducted and apply our findings to create (what we hope) will be transformative learning and growth experiences to help others find peace and tranquility.


Marriage is a beautiful and sacred institution. We can’t think of too many things more beautiful than the union of two people who love each other for eternity.

Of course, as we all know, marriage isn’t always easy. It takes work. It takes patience. This is why we’re proud to have partnered with, Dr. Doug Weiss, one of the leading observors and teachers of relationship dynamics.  He has developed a myriad of valuable tools that couples can use together to foster a relationship built on mutual respect and honesty.

Our first class, “The 30 Day Marriage Makeover”, is now available. If you and your partner would like to rekindle the romance, cultivate effective communication skills, and build an amazing life together, this may be the course for you!



We don’t like divorce. Who does? Unfortunately, the reality is that many marriages do end in divorce, and too often it’s the children who suffer most. The goal of DivorceBuddy is to help families going through the process develop conflict resolution skills so that they can reduce and minimize conflict so that they can put their children’s interest first.

If we can help couples resolve conflict, we can save relationships, because even if divorce is inevitable, there still exists a relationship beyond the marriage.

Divorce is not a war to be won, but a problem to be solved. (1)