Meet Jeremy


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Jeremy Kossen | Creative “Czar”

I’m Jeremy. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Altruity.

I chose the title, Creative Czar, because I hate czars. But, I like creativity.

I get distracted by bright, shiny objects. But, when I’m not distracted, I (try to) move mountains.

I believe that honesty and integrity aren’t buzzwords, but values to live by.

Sometimes you won’t like what I say. Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right. That’s okay. Because, it’s not about being right. It’s about finding common ground and winning — together.

While I don’t assume what others tell me is always the right way to do things, I always value opinions that differ from my own. I look for inspiration not just from those I agree with, but more often from those I find most disagreeable.

I used to like “thinking out of the box”, before it became a cliche. Now I want to build the box, then smash it and rebuild it 10, 100x better than before.

I believe in #passion before #profit. I don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive. In fact, I believe they are interdependent. You can be ‘good’ at something you’re not passionate about. But, to be truly ‘great”, passion is not simply dressing; it is the essential ingredient.

Passion is what keeps us going when we feel like giving up. Passion is what drives us to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and achieve things we never thought possible.

Let’s get real: There are lots of great ideas, but without passion, great ideas are just ideas. They don’t stand a fighting chance.

Muhammed Ali keenly observed, “Once belief becomes conviction, things begin to happen.”


Life is like poker. Even if we’re dealt a lousy hand, we can still win the game.