Be the Change You Want to See in the World:
We founded Altruity not solely as a creative agency and publisher, but also as a positive force to help others. To support our altruistic mission, we will donate a portion of the money from our projects to apolitical projects and foundations that we believe are having a positive impact on society.

The following organizations are focused on providing solutions to those in a time of need. We will continue to add organizations to this list as we grow:


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat’s mission is to help end the cycle of intergenerational familial poverty by providing those who are less financially fortunate obtain the essential security of having a home to live in so that they have money to invest in other life essentials such as food, medicine, child-care, education, etc.

By alleviating the stress of having to think about how to provide basic shelter for one’s family, parents feel empowered so that they can focus on creating financial security for their family. Thus far, Habitat has helped more than 4 million people around the world.

Help Habitat for Humanity Empower Families



The Fallen Patriot Fund

Too often, politics, race, class and other arbitrary classifications divide us, which is why we support the Fallen Patriot Fund. The Fallen Patriot Fund crosses all political and demographic lines and supports the military personnel and their family who were killed or seriously injured. It’s not about whether or not you supported the wars. It’s a project about supporting the men and women who when called to serve, answered the call and paid a heavy price to serve us.

We invite and encourage you to support The Wounded Warrior Project by making a donation, no matter how small or big. Every bit helps.

Give to the Fallen Patriot Fund to Help Veterans and their Families



The Pat Tillman Foundation

We support the Pat Tillman Foundation, because like the Wounded Warrior Project, their message is a unifying one. In a day and age, when politics seem to ever divide us, the Pat Tillman Foundation seeks to unite us and improve the lives of veterans (and their spouses) through educational scholarships. Their mission is simple:

Build a diverse community of leaders committed to the service of others.

We invite and encourage you to also support the Pat Tillman Foundation by getting involved in one of their many opportunities that include monetary support, hosting an event or participating in their leadership summit:

Get Involved and Help the Pat Tillman Foundation Provide Opportunities to Veterans and their Families